Hot Color Story For Spring: Peach & Navy

Opposites attract, this we all know. This magical occurrence between personalities is also true of colors. The perfect balance is found when opposing colors meet, each has everything that the other doesn't.
When you add new jewelry to your wardrobe think about the colors that you love to wear, and make opposite choices in your jewels.

My favorite opposites this Spring are blue and orange. In particular, dark blue with creamy orange. The cool depths of Navy perfectly balance the vibrancy of Peach.

Mrs. Robinson's Affair has delivered a beautiful selection of dark sparkly Lapis Lazuli, and soothing Peach Moonstone.

Imagine this translucent Blue Quartz with a peach chiffon sundress. Or this creamy Peach Moonstone with a navy cotton sheath dress for all of your Easter Sunday.

Visit Ponytail to see the entire Spring collection from Mrs. Robinson's Affair.


Delicate Sets for your Sweetheart

I have handpicked my favorite delicate sets from Ponytail. Fused Fine Silver, Simple Sterling, and beautiful faceted Gemstones make the perfect gift for your special someone.

Sterling Silver and Black Rutilated Quartz in hearts from Alison Peltz Design.

Looped circles and edgy spikes hand fused from Fine Silver by Shay D. Design.

Intertwined Teardrops with Copper Rutilated Quartz, Champagne Quartz and Garnet by Frankie Says.

 Sterling Silver linked circles and teardrops by Rain City Forge.

 Fused Fine Silver Circles filled with Blue Flash Labradorite from Vie Visuelle.

Super-faceted Rutilated and Rock Crystal Quartz by Mrs. Robinson's Affair.


Frankie Says Winter Installation

Late winter brings new designs and fresh color stories from Ponytail artist Frankie Says. Ombres of blues and oranges, Pairings of yellows and blacks, And whimsical designs will help us through the last days of winter and have us dreaming of Spring.

Sterling Silver and 14k Gold-filled are mixed together in this blue ombre fringe bar necklace. Light translucent Moss Aquamarine gives way to medium and dark shades of blue Kyanite.

This orange-red ombre fringe bar necklace features shades of Tundra Sapphire surrounding a beautiful Champagne Rutilated Quartz briolette.
This lightweight but captivating graduated loops earrings in Sterling Silver hold variegated blue Kyanite and vibrant orange Tundra Sapphire.
This sparking yellow Citrine fringe bar necklace showcases a large Black Rutilated Quartz stunner that plays with the warm and cool of the mixed metals.
Earthy green Moss Aquamarine frame a large smooth black Labradorite briolette in this two tone fringe bar necklace.

14k Gold-filled graduated loops earrings mimic the gentle graduation of these chunky pear shaped Black Rutilated and Copper Rutilated Quartz briolettes.
Two tones and mixed metal adorn these asymmetrical loops necklaces. Blue Spectrolite with Amazonite, Garnet with Copper Rutilated Quartz, and Citrine with Labradorite are perfect parings. 
These matching earrings will have you dreaming of hot air balloon rides. The 14k Gold-filled and Sterling Silver circles add movement to the rutilated texture of the stones.


Can't wait for Spring!

January Jewelry

 Each local artist that is showcased here at Ponytail Jewelry Studio has something spectacular to offer. Take a peak at what's in store now... and stay tuned for brand new Spring installations!!

Shiny Ruby and Emerald glazes on these classic dapped discs from Rain City Forge. 
 Blue and gold, Druzys and Pearls, what more could a girl want from Mrs. Robinson's Affair.

Bestselling woven wire wraps from Alison Peltz Design are available in new deep rich holiday colors.

My newest geometric obsession, triangles from Shay D. Design. From itty bitty to extra large.

Pretty Gemstone hues on delicate hammered metal forms from Frankie Says

Dangly mixed metal pieces in blush tones and nudes from Bellatrix Jewelry.

 Fused Fine Silver in statement sizes with silvery stones from Vie Visuelle.


Fall is Calling

Fall is my favorite time of year. We add on the super soft layers and pull out the luxurious leather boots. I love adding jewelry that feels rich and sophisticated to complete my look.

Here are a few of the best and brightest in the Fall lineup.

Alison Peltz Design

14k Gold-filled, Labradorite, Smoky Topaz, and Iolite. $46 

Sterling Silver, Black Rutile Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Labradorite. $48
14k Gold-filled & Garnet. $28

Shay D. Design

Sterling Silver & Peridot. $28
Sterling Silver Spikes. $30
Sterling SIlver Triangles. $36

Rain City Forge
Sterling Silver & Copper Discs. $52
Sterling Silver Teardrops. $52
Sterling Silver & Copper with Teal Enamel. $48
Sterling Silver with Ruby Enamel. $66

Vie Visuèlle

Sterling Silver, Oxidized Silver, & Fine Silver. $46
Sterling Silver & Copper. $19
Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, & Copper. $47
Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, & Oxidized Silver. $42

Come on in to Ponytail to see the full Fall collection

New Gemstone Focals and Raw Brass Beauties

 New colorful collections from Alison Peltz Design and Shay D. Design.

Alison Peltz Design is known for delicate wire-wrapping and translucent pastel briolettes. This collection features light pinks and purples in the form of Rose Quartz and Amethyst.
Warms tones in Golden Rutilated Quartz, Green Amethyst, Labradorite, and Pyrite.
Trendy Boho Chic Turquoise and Hematite from Shay D. Design. Try mixing and matching pieces for a carefree casual look.
Large focal Gemstone and Raw Brass Pendants are perfect for layering over your clothes because the jewelry really pops!. Come by the shop today to see the full collections!

Did you know Ponytail offers custom wedding party jewelry? Contact us to set up a consultation with talented local artists.


Shay D. Design Summer Collection 2013

Shayla of Shay D. Design returns from an inspiration trip to Bali with fresh designs and beautiful handcrafted Raw Brass pieces, just in time for Summer to hit Seattle. Stop in today to view the full collection!

Designed start to finish by the artist herself, these Raw Brass pendants are finished with bezel set gemstones in powerful Pyrite and mysterious Opal. 

Handmade from Raw Brass these Shay D. Design bracelets are a true original. The slight give of the brass will adjust to fit any wrist. Chevrons, circles, diamonds, and peacock feathers. 

A summer classic, gold and green, translates into Boho Chic with Raw Brass curves and points accented by cool Chrysophase and tribal Turquoise. 

Handmade Raw Brass "v" shapes take flight with carved bone wings and dangling chain fringe.


Beach Jewelry

Two Ponytail Artists have merged forces to create the ultimate collection of Summer pieces at easy Summer prices all under $50

"On The Sand" by Frankie Says
will have you dreaming of glistening white sandy beaches with it's Silver and Gold shapes hammered to a eye catching shine.

Must-see Beachscape Display

Simple shapes in varying lengths are made for layering.

A variety of hammered metal earrings to match the see green waters.

Hand formed and hammered to add strength and shine, this leaf is then filled in with veins to add detail and texture.

Horseshoes, chevrons, or swinging scales. 

Small, medium, large, double or triple, gold or silver, the choice is yours.

"In The Surf" by Bellatrix Jewelry 
will make you picture brilliant tropical fishes and flourishing coral reefs with it's simple yet elegant designs with Gemstones in a sea of colors.

This "underwater" seascape is filled with luscious gemstone choices.

Mix-and-match drop earrings and simple pendants.

Cool blues of Labradorite and Chalcedony are complimented by smooth white Moonstone.

Pink and Green Tourmalines make for a fresh combination this Summer.

Warm and bright, orange Carnelian, yellow Agate, and blush pink Rose Quartz will brighten up your jeans and tee look.